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Online Payment Gateway Integration

PayPal is one of the most popular and extensively used payment network. It is preferred by most of the patrons due to its straightforward payment process. Hence it has become an inseparable part for the myriad of the website owners. Prospect Softech Pvt. Ltd. proffers its proficiency solutions and services to an assortment of enterprises.

PayPal is the best option for the processing of a fast and convenient online payment. Prospect Softech Pvt. Ltd. has been providing its valuable support to integrate Websites with Payment Integration. PayPal integrated solution is endowed with optimum quality security stages which ensures you of safe and secure online transactions. At Prospect Softech Pvt. Ltd., PayPal Gateway can be integrated with the shopping cart. Processing payments via buyer credit, bank accounts, credit cards or account balances is easier.

PayPal has instigated international e-commerce service by making payment easier and possible across different countries, languages and currencies. No, It will be a way easier to accept payments by endowing with commercial tools like ‘Buy Now’ buttons and facilities like shopping cart.

PayPal is bestowed with a high-quality record classifying system. The specific system provides you access to keep a track of your transactions. A secure payment method is offered which disables the seller to view any details of the shopper’s credit card. Transacting via PayPal is very easier as it proffers an instantaneous transfer of your funds.

At Prospect Softech Pvt. Ltd. we have a team of proficient programmers who have core knowledge on the PayPal integration method, and who can effortlessly implement your website with the PayPal system. With the PayPal integration you can offer your patrons a flawless payment experience. Contact Prospect Softech Pvt. Ltd. if you are searching a qualified and knowledgeable programmer for your PayPal integration. Get hold of the apt payment mechanism with the PayPal integration.

Majority of the patrons employ PayPal as the principal payment method instead of the merchant services. Creating sovereign payment gateways with Credit Card transactions is also included in our Payment Gateway Integration. As PayPal provides a safe transaction it is trusted by most of the patrons. Hence, PayPal can act as a great way to enlarge your business as it is endowed with numerous facilities.