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Custom Solutions

You are in right place if you were looking for a Custom Web Development company that can help you in automation of your business processes or if you have an idea that you want to get online with as fast as possible because your competitor is watching you. Prospect Softech Pvt. Ltd. can offer you a Custom Web Development solution built using time tested technologies and add more value to the product by providing fantastic support.

Prospect Softech Pvt. Ltd. believes that you must not settle for a canned approach for your Custom Web Development needs because like you, your business is also unique with its own objectives and needs and hence there cannot be any off-the-shelf solution that fits all. Yet, we are sensible enough to understand that re-inventing the wheel will only result in increased development costs and time and hence existing products and solutions must also be used taking into account your needs, budget and timeframe.

Our Custom Web Development Services – What have we done

Online Dating Solution: Features include intelligent match finding algorithm, Payment Integration, User Membership and chat.

Content Management Solution: Features includes an easy rich text editor area to manipulate text and replace images from management panel of your web site.

Classified Ads Web Site Solution: Features include paid and free classifieds posting for a period of time and extensive reporting tool for collecting marketing information.

PPC Search Engine Solution: Features include innovative tools for both publishers and subscribers and an extensive admin panel for management and reporting.

Business to Business solutions: Features include vendor management, user management, bidding, buying and selling, content management system, classifieds, online payment integration and an extensive admin panel.

Web Application Development: We have worked extensively on order management systems, custom database integration projects, survey management system, Ecommerce web site, and projects that involved online business automation of any kind.

Our Custom Web Development Benefits- What sets us apart

Three years of experience in Custom Web Development: We were established in 2004 and have executed 50+ successful projects.

Technical ability: Our web designers and web developers are all university graduates with three years of industry experience.

Communication: All staff members are fluent in English. We are available by Phone, Chat or E-mail throughout the day.

Pricing: We are an affordable Custom Web Development company and work at a price of $10 – $25 per hour depending upon the complexity of the project.

Custom Web Development for Business: The best benefits of working with us is that we realize the importance of marketability of your web site and we provide professional interface design and search engine optimization services.