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Partner Program

If you are upcoming or established IT Company, who is majorly into providing IT services to companies within the IT sector or to other ancillary industries then, you shall always be required to provide customized software development services to your varied list of clientele. Sometimes it may so happen that a few particular clients may have some specific requirements, which may be outside the core competence area of your company. This is when you have to consider outsourcing, in order to fulfill your contractual obligations and the specific need of your client. We are sure you would want to be considered a one-stop solution of IT services by all your clients and not be known as a specific IT service provider and allow this to be a hurdle in the multifaceted growth of your company.

One of the other important reason as to why you should consider outsourcing is that; when it comes to meeting the specific or unique needs of in order to fulfill the IT requirements of your client, it makes bad business sense to invest your precious man-power and divert your financial resources towards unfamiliar technologies and the paraphernalia that come with these technologies. This would also cut down your profits and have an adverse effect on the quality of your team's performance, we should not deny the R&D that goes around when we venture into unknown waters and get into experimental mode. On the other hand backed with a rich experience and deep-rooted technological knowhow Prospect Softech Pvt. Ltd. is ever ready to fulfill your requirements irrespective of the size and budget of the project. Prospect Softech Pvt. Ltd. shall always be at your disposal and ready to deliver at the standards laid down by you. We look forward to having a ever enriching partnership alliances.

Following shall be considered as the strategic advantages of out sourcing.

Outsourcing adds to the list of services that you are able to provide, increases your horizon in terms of client serviceability. Give your company the added edge in terms of competition, increases the efficiency and most importantly gets you benefits in terms of time management and profitability.

Allows you focus in the area of your core competence and keep the cost of operation low by avoiding your hassle to recruit additional manpower for tasks which may not required to utilize in the future.

Partnership Form:
Our policies of the partner project give you the assurance that the implementation of the project is fully transparent, and proceeds as per your expectations and gives you clear idea about the management steps required to take things in the right direction. All this is made possible because of our completely documented and controlled software development process.