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Working Towards Common Goals: Building an Enterprise Intranet

In today’s technology-driven society, many businesses have their own intranet. An intranet portal is an Internet only accessible to those within the company’s internal network. While it is widely thought of as a component only utilized within large enterprises, a company of any size can benefit from an intranet portal as well. This tool allows for internal communications within a business to become simplified, allowing for more growth and success.

The number one way for a business to succeed is through ensuring all individuals within it understand common goals. Through building and utilizing an intranet portal, key contributors can share information with employees across the board. From sharing documents to providing an overview of calendar appointments, an intranet portals makes for a more flexible workforce that values productivity.

Not only does an intranet allow for the ability to share internal information to relevant staff members without constant internal memos, but it creates an environment for collaboration. According to Worldwide Intranet Challenge, the benefits of an intranet far outweigh the initial capital investment. Some key drivers to creating an enterprise intranet include:

  • Business Processes: Workflow, procedures, and instructions.
  • Employee Engagement: News, blogs, and communications.
  • Environment: Webinars, telecommuting, and process automation.
  • Collaboration: Staff directory, team rooms, and content management.
  • New Ideas: Discussion forums and online suggestions.
  • Knowledge Management: Search, content tagging, and taxonomy.
  • Data and Applications: Application directory, intranet lists, and corporate data access.

Developing an intranet portal for your business involves careful planning that takes into account the size of your company as well as its specific needs. Successful deployment requires the expertise of professionals, such as IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies, who have a wealth of knowledge on customizing a platform to your company’s unique specifications while still keeping it well-organized and easy for users to navigate. Contact us today to learn how you can benefit both your business and employees through the use of an intranet.


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