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Strong Logos: The Genetic Makeup of Your Marketing Efforts

Our bodies contain DNA, which is the genetic material that houses how we will look and function. When discussing marketing, a logo could be comparable to DNA as it is the fundamental component behind a brand, establishing the look and feel for all marketing efforts. It contains a unique combination of typography, color, shape, and other elements that represents the core of a business.

A strong logo is not only distinctive, but also intuitive in its ability to quickly convey the purpose and strategy of a company. The right logo doesn’t just stand out. It differentiates itself among competitors and connects the targeted audience so viewers remember the organization along with its purpose. Logo design is a long-term investment and the first step towards creating a solid brand.

One of the biggest mistakes that a business can make is falling for the popular discounted logo design tactic. There are a wealth of advertisements that promise brand new logos for your company starting at a nominal fee. Unfortunately, these statements are completely false. Instead, your logo may end up being a mash of stock emblems with your company name incorporated. You could face a number of potential downfalls including.

  1. A logo that does not convey your company’s purpose, culture, or target audience.
  2. A color scheme that is stock.
  3. A lack of overall uniqueness.
  4. Illegal with copyright infringements.

Professional graphic designers who understand the cohesion of fonts, colors, and shapes are able to provide a quality logo specifically tailored to your brand. If you are expecting the price point of false advertisers, with designs beginning at $5, think again. Expect to pay hundreds, even thousands, for a design. The additional costs go towards the design effort and rounds of adjustments and alterations.

If you have just started a business or need a refresh for your logo, IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies has extensive experience in delivering logos that are not only pleasing to you, but your target market as well. Remember, a great logo is essential in providing meaningful interactions that reinforce your brand.


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